How to run backup games on PS3 with OFW 4.70 (no jailbreak or downgrade needed!)

ps3-hackFrom the Russian scene comes an interesting way for people on 4.7x version OFW PS3’s to make or download and then run backup games on an un-jailbroken PS3.

Its quite an involved process but still remains doable for anyone who doesn’t want to go down the ps3 jailbreak 4.81 route.

PS3 OFW 4.70 hack enables backups and piracy for all consoles

Usually theres much talk of homebrew and backing up your own games but interesting this far down the line the new is more your can run pirate games on any PS3 OFW 4.7x without ODE or IDPS etc.

There are three main stages to getting this working on an un-jailbroken PS3.

What you will need

A Disk or downloaded version of the game and the patches for it

Converter tool ( – see links)

BACKUP Injector tool (TrueAncestor – see links)

Hex Editor (recommended HxD Freeware Hex editor.

make_npdata tool (found withing

pkgView (version 1.3 or above)

All these tools are in the ZIP download at the bottom

4.70 hack Tutorial – stage 1

First we have to convert the PS3 game and modify its License

  1. Extract the GAME_CONVERT folder from and place it in a folder close to the root of your drive.  You should keep the full path as short as possible and avoid using any special characters in your folder names.
  2. We now need to copy the games PS3_GAME folder into the same folder so that it is in the same folder as the batch file CONVERT.BAT.
  3. Check inside the PS3_GAME folder and look for a sub-folder called LICDIR.  If its not there you need to read stage 2!
  4. Run CONVERT.BAT and enter the target folder in the format NPEBXXXXX where XXXXX is any five digit number.
  5. Unpack any patches you may have into a single folder starting with the first and working through to the newer ones overwriting any files as you do.
  6. Copy EBOOT.BIN from the patch folder to USRDIR folder in the target you specified in step 4.
  7. If you were not told to read stage 2 above at step 3 then you are almost done.  All that remains is to use TrueAncestor BACKUP injector and create a backup that can be restored.  Skip to stage 3 for instructions o how to do this.

Generate fake LICDIR – stage 2

  1. This stage is only needed if you did not find  a LICDIR in your back up above for whatever reason!
  2. Create the missing LICDIR folder within PS3_GAME
  3. Open a LIC.DAT file from any game the hex editor and scroll down to offset 0x800 where you see the game code.
  4. Replace it with the real code of our game which can be found in its PARAM.SFO file.
  5. Change to offset 0x20 in the hex editor and set the 4 bytes there to 00.
  6. Select from the beginning exactly 0h900 bytes (as displayed at the bottom of HxD) and use the menu to calculate a CRC-32 checksum.
  7. Replace the 4 bytes at 0x20 with this new checksum.
  8. Save the file as LIC.DAT to the backups PS3_GAME\LICDIR folder
  9. Now you can move onto stage 3

Stage 3 – final stage – create and restore backup

  1. Insert a USB flash drive into your PS3 or and external hard disk (which ever you choose must be formatted to FAT32).
  2. Go to System Settings >> Backup Utility and create a backup copy.
  3. Connect the USB or hard drive to your PC and use PkgView to unpack.
  4. Drag the folder with the path PS3\EXPORT\BACKUP\000000000000 to your “TrueAncestor_BACKUP_Injector\backup” folder as extracted from the ZIP file.
  5. Drag your backed up (and license modified) folders to your “TrueAncestor_BACKUP_Injector\game
  6. Run injector.exe and recompile the backup using option 1, 3 and S.
  7. Re-connect the drive to your PS3 and Restore the backup from System Settings >> Backup Utility.


And that it, you can merge more than one game into a backup at a time using the injector.  Some games are reported not working but this should be fixable with some editing to the PARAM.SFO files.