So what of the PS4 Jailbreak?

So we have been contacted by many people in the last week asking why we are not supporting the PS4 jailbreak that has been released. ¬†Well the reasons for this […]

PS3 OFW 4.53 released

New update from Sony which appears to be optional in some locations. Of course we have seen in the past that this will very likely soon be changed to compulsory. […]

PS3 Homebrew and Utilities update

Run down of homebrew and utilities available for PS3 Jailbreak consoles Universal Media Server which received a large update recently with 3.0.0-a4 seems to have developed a start up bug […]

PS3 System Software 4.41 released

As you will have no doubt noticed by now OFW 4.41 is now live globally and anyone still one 4.40 is required to update before using PSN/SEN. ¬†According to Sony […]