PS3 Brick Fix 4.45 – Solutions to the bad update.

ps3445brickfixFor any one who managed to download the PS3 4.45 update that has bricked so many PS3’s and left many others in unstable states here is the rollback PUP. If you can still get to the recovery menu of your your PS3 after installing 4.45 then download This PUP file and place it on a memory stick in the usual “PS3\UPDATE” folder. Then you need to boot your PS3 into recovery mode by following the usual instructions (see google or your members area for detailed instruction on how to do this. It must be stressed that this option is only available to you if you can still access the Recovery Menu. If you are one of the unlucky people facing a PS3 that will not even boot then you might be out of luck for the time being.  Your only real hope in this case is one of the ROM flashers currently available.

PS3 4.45 Brick Fix