PS3 Homebrew and Utilities update

Run down of homebrew and utilities available for PS3 Jailbreak consoles

Universal Media Server which received a large update recently with 3.0.0-a4 seems to have developed a start up bug fixed with latest update.  This minor update will fix that issue.  Of course if you are not facing any problems you can skip this update.  Get the latest update here.

Multiman the ever popular multi tool for the PS3 by DeanK is currently at v04.46.02 for both CEX and DEX consoles.  This means all 4.46 consoles can now have proper working BD-Mirror support.  The latest version of Multiman can be downloaded here.  Along side this DeanK has also updated Showtime to version 04.03.479 which can be downloaded here.

Bruteforce Save data is updated by Aldostools to 4.1.  This new versopm adds a searcg function for the patch creation plugin which improves usability of this tool 100%. The latest version can even find the keys for the latest games in a matter of minutes (in some cases seconds!) letting you easily decrypt and edit your savegame files. Download it here.

This comes hot on the heels of another great update from Aldostools to his PS3 tools collection which recently went to version 2.3.14.  The newest version of the ever popular firmware and decryption set of utilities can he downloaded here.

If your interested in changing the look and sound of you playstaion then Danial’s XMB Mod v1.4 will be of interest to you. This gives you access to custom cold boot startup sequences and give you the ability to create custom xmb waves amongst many other cool features. You can completely change the look of your PS3’s XMB with this one simple PKG installer.  Download it here.

From time to time there seems to arrise the need to resign an Eboot you may have aquired on the internet for some reason. ZeusPS3’s single click eboot resigner is perfect for this job. quick simple and easy to use get it here.

For people with problems with accessing SEN then EvilNat’s PS3 SEN Enabler should be installed on your PS3. With this you can patch your ConsoleID, PSID MAC address and many more. Also comes with stealth patches to protect against some well known spyware in retail games (GT6 & BLOPS2 for example) and a fuction for hiding of the PS3 System Data. The other features should also be checked out too such as the Anti-RSOD and temperature checker.
Download it here.

In the hardware world the Cobra ODE appears to have been released to some distibuters but stocks are apparently very low everywhere. If you are unsure of how the Cobra ODE will work then have a look through its manual here.