PS3 System Software 4.41 released

As you will have no doubt noticed by now OFW 4.41 is now live globally and anyone still one 4.40 is required to update before using PSN/SEN.  According to Sony this is a small game compatibility fix update but people looking a little deeper have noticed some minor tweaks to online connectivity.  Maybe this is the compatibility that Sony refer to and perhaps we will see less drop outs when playing online.  Only time will tell for now but as the PS4 appears on the horizon lets hope Sony are once and for all looking to improve their online experience.  Yes its free and when compared to Xbox Live looks a little lacking but that’s not what gamers expect from a system these days.  No one should be finding themselves looking for port numbers or weird router settings these days. We expect stuff to just work.

The good news with minor updates like this is that it is not long until we see the new modified firmware being released giving us the Latest PS3 Jailbreak we need to be able to jailbreak and run backups on the latest consoles without loosing access to the online side of things.

Firmware 4.40 was with us for one of the longest times in the PS3’s update history so whether or not we will see any big updates again this year is pretty unlikely.  Most likely there will be a big update before we go into the holiday season and all the games that promises to bring to us!