PS3 System Software Update – OFW 3.73 is now live

Yesterday Sony rolled out yet another minor firmware update. Now taking the PS3 OFW to version 3.73. To quote from the official Sony page..

Playback quality during use of some PlayStation®3 format software has been improved.

So its another feature packed update then.  Thankfully the main news of this update is that (for the time being atleast) this is a Non-Mandatory so there is no need to update.  You may still access PSN as you would normally there is currently no need to update!  If you have already updated then you will need to re install the previous PS3 Jailbreak update.  As this is a ‘non-mandatory’ update from Sony there is no need for a PS3 Jailbreak 3.73 CFW at this time.

Of course time may reveal that we have some new ‘hidden features’ inside the PS3 but for now it looks pretty ordinary.  Of course over the coming days many people will be analyzing the update and some more call backs may yet be found but as with everything in this scene you proceed at your own risk with OFW updates.