PS3 System Update 4.80

It’s been a while coming but PS3 system software version 4.80 is finally here.

There has been a lot of talk about Sony implementing 2-step verification for the sign up process and what this could mean for version spoofers and custom firmware.  It would seem that so far at least Sony have not turned on this feature but it does seem that the mechanisms for implementing it are already there as can be seen from some of the sign in screen messages.

So currently ps3 jailbreak 4.80 custom firmware is 100% working online with all cheat engines undetected.  If 2-step authorisation changes anything here you can be sure find the latest updates to the situation here.

Details from Sony of what is in this version and how if differs from 4.78 are still to be fuly released by Sony but you can bet they include the usual “stability updates”.

The obvious addition of note though is of course the much talked about twitch app.  With twitch seeing a surge in popularity recently an easy way to follow channels  and discover Playstation broadcasters as well streaming live and recorded events is an obvious boost to the PS3 community.