New update locks out CFW users again – bypass news!

On the 26th of June 2012 Sony released their first new firmware update for some considerable time.  This time taking the OFW version of the PS3 to 4.20.  This once more means that the 4.11 CFW will no longer give you full PSN access.  Although of course there will as usual still be the window of opportunity that so often rears its head when there’s a firmware change that allows the Spoofer methods to work.  A new update to the custom firmware is now in final testing stages and should see a public release within the next few days.

But what of the new firmware, what nice new goodies have Sony delivered to us this time with their update?

Well official its looking like another small bug fix release with improvements for users using a wireless stereo headset and using the ‘sidetone’ feature to hear your own voice while playing.  Pretty minor but it was a bug that was annoying non the less.  Further improvements to save game management now means you can select multiple save games to delete or copy them as a group.

Security wise there seems to be very little to stop the continuation of CFW on the PS3 with full PSN access with Sony for reasons known only to themselves not changing the passphrase or login process in anyway.  This no doubt means that a smaller patch will be released soon to counteract this.  Until then its business as usual.

Update:  As expected Jailbreak 4.25 has now been released.  See the post here